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Professional systems management is our 'License To Operate'

28-09-2015 Column

This year the summer the parliamentary elections and the subsequent formation of government were the order of the day - and for civil servants like us it was an exciting but rather quiet time as many activities came to a stand-still. Now it is back to business and we are ready to take up the gauntlet.

Regarding the expectations our stakeholders place on us, there is no doubt that ensuring secure and stable systems operation is an essential precondition for the successful fulfilment of the digital ambitions of the public sector.

At the Agency for Digitisation, we have established a dedicated programme to professionalise systems management of all the joint public solutions, for which the Agency is responsible. Our vision is that this approach is to spread to other joint public solutions to improve the overall public sector IT infrastructure.

Also in relation to the new joint government Digital Strategy, which we are preparing, we expect professional systems management to be included as a theme - as it really is our 'License To Operate'. 

Talking about the new joint government (central, regional and local government) Digital Strategy, our primary job right now is to draw up the strategy and have it adopted by all parties. We are seeing increasing interest in our work on setting new strategic goals and as well as on executing on the goals already set.

Lars Frelle-Petersen