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The contours of the future Danish eID are beginning to emerge

20-10-2014 Column

The contract regarding the Danish eID solution, NemID, expires at the end of 2017 and the work on finding a replacement is fully underway.

Some have wittily referred to the Danish eID solution, NemID (translates to ‘EasyID’) as 'SværID' which translates to 'DifficultID'. I don’t totally agree with that. For the 4.2 million Danish citizens who have a NemID, the solution is user-friendly in relation to the security level provided. But I have to admit that the process we face in finding a next-generation eID solution is certainly going to be 'SværID'.

NemID is quite simply the front door key to Digital Denmark. The technology is evolving at a rapid pace and there are many stakeholders to listen to. We’ll need to make some strategic choices that will please some and disappoint others. It’s important we retain an ICT infrastructure that combines user-friendliness and security, and which also benefits as many citizens and companies as possible. Especially companies are calling for a more user-friendly eID solution.

In this month’s newsletter, you can read more about the process of defining a new eID solution. You can read about some of the consultation input we’ve received so far, and, not least, you can be reminded about the reasons why the present NemID solution is as solid and robust as it is. Personally, I think the case about DBA - the private classified ads service using NemID for user authentication - is interesting, because it shows that the public sector can deliver ICT solutions which private sector parties want to use for their services.

A number of analyses are now being conducted to help us outline the potential eID solution scenarios that the politicians will need to make a decision on. Afterwards, the public tender documents will be published. Even though 2017 might seem a long way off, we’re actually extremely busy and I promise that you’ll hear much more in the coming years, because this is something that will be a key focus of ours at the Danish Agency for Digitisation - and of the many solution owners in the public and private sector who use NemID today.

Lars Frelle-Petersen