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25-11-2015 Column

One of the Agency for Digitisation's main tasks in the coming years is to ensure that all citizens and businesses continue to have confidence in Denmark's cyber and information security. This requires a broad range of activities and interventions that can be delivered only if we pull together.

In October, we had a special focus on information security with the campaign "Safe On The Internet" which was carried out in collaboration with the Danish Bankers Association. In September, we published a new guide on the implementation of the ISO27001 security standard, and a new monitoring concept. We are also going to follow up on how it goes with ISO implementation in the central government administration. 

The anchoring of IT security with top management in organisations is paramount, and in the coming months we will carry out a number of activities, including workshops on ISO27001 for Heads of Division in central government and addition of IT security expertise to our IT project assessment corps. All this to address the challenges from many directions at once and to demonstrate that today information security is more important than ever before.

In recent year, the digitisation of the public sector has happened at high speed and the many digital self-service solutions and other services have made life as a citizen of Denmark easier. With increased use and dissemination the number and variety of potential threats to the infrastructure increase, and we all have a shared responsibility to meet the challenge.

This applies to central government, municipalities, regions, businesses, citizens - all of us.

Lars Frelle-Petersen