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Citizen Portal to give Danes an even better user experience

11-03-2015 Column came into existence in 2007 and much has happened since. The world of technology has seen enormous developments and the Danish joint public sector portal for citizens has been through some major changes.

Recently, became an important hub for the more than 4.2 million citizens who receive Digital Post from the public sector. The portal also provides access to the many digital self-service solutions that have been made mandatory for the Danes over the past years. Through the portal public authorities make available approximately 2,000 self-service solutions. plays an increasingly important role in the digitisation of public sector Denmark. To meet new demands, the Agency for Digitisation will soon launch a new and improved version of User Experience experts, in collaboration with the rest of the, team have delved deep into the needs of users, among other things through repeated user testing during the development process. One of the resulting improvements is a shorter click route to self-service solutions.

The busiest year since inception

Last year, the portal had 27.4 million visits and it seems likely the numbers will be just as high this year. In January 2015 alone, the portal saw 3.1 million visits. The main reasons behind the high numbers of visits are that since last year has been mobile-device-friendly, that more and more citizens drop by the portal to check and send Digital Post, and that a number of self-service solutions have become mandatory.

Lars Frelle-Petersen