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New and stronger Agency for Digitisation from 1st August

26-06-2014 Column

When everyone has returned from summer vacation in early August, the Agency for Digitisation will transform into a new and strengthened agency.

We are expanding the executive board with an additional Deputy Director-General who will be responsible for operations. We will merge several of our divisions to create new centres which are more efficient, competent and dynamic. And then we will initiate the process of developing a new common eGovernment Strategy for Denmark.

Through a comprehensive qualitative survey, our various stakeholders have given their input on what we need to do more and better in the future. The new organisation will work to further professionalise system management of large joint government solutions, to increase efforts in relation to IT security, to take on greater responsibility for usability in self-service solutions, and to focus of our analysis skills to ensure they are used where it makes the most impact - just to name a few. Read more about the changes here.

I am looking forward to heading up the new organisation - and to presenting the planned changes in practice to all our stakeholders.

Have a great summer!

Lars Frelle-Petersen