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We want to become mobile

01-01-2013 Column

The public sector can not afford to digitise without purpose because we are at the same time managing the tax payers’ money and integrity, and we need to do that consequently without unlimited resources. But we can become mobile in a year.

The technological development takes from time to time a quantum leap forward. Half of the Danish population has for example a smart phone.

The health sector experiences frequently cost hikes due to the introduction of new technology and novel treatments. If you can be cured by using a novel treatment the expectation of a citizen is use this treatment despite the costs. In the same way, many citizens with a smart phone have a clear expectation of having their problems solved by the public sector while on the road.

We – the public sector – can not digitise without a purpose. At the same time, we are managing the tax payers’ money and integrity. We have to do this consequently with regard to the secure management of e.g. sensitive personal information and data. And we do not have unlimited resources to do this. It is therefore a challenge to find e.g. the right model for a mobile NemID platform.

Many youngsters and seniors see the tablets as their short-cut to a more digital public Denmark. We need to be present on the mobile platform in order to achieve the ambitious goals in 2015.  We do not have the blue print ready yet, but we are determined to succeed within a year. This will allow citizens to use public services – not just from the couch at home – but also from the bus or from the sidelines of the stadium at your son’s soccer training.

Lars Frelle-Petersen