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A Year in the Sign of Digital Transformation

04-02-2016 Column

When commencing on a new year, one typically takes the opportunity to look back at the year gone by. So does this month's column.

In 2015, Danish public authorities sent twice as many digital letters as the previous year, and we are close to our goal of sending 80 percent of all relevant letters digitally. 9 out of 10 citizens are signed-up to Digital Post so you could say that Digital Post is really taking off. In our February newsletter, we present three news stories on Digital Post: One story about the success of Digital Post, another story about one of the remaining challenges with Digital Post, and a third story on how we are preparing to design the next-generation Digital Post.

2015 also saw the fourth, and final, set of digital self-service solutions to become mandatory by law. On the English-language pages of our website, we have dedicated a small section to providing an overview of mandatory digital self-service.

Looking to the future, within the framework of the Strategy for Digital Welfare, three municipal projects to test welfare technology solutions have been selected to receive grants for project management and evaluation. Solid evaluations of such projects are to help municipalities and regions learn from each other and will create a strong foundation for future dissemination of welfare technology. Digital Welfare is also among the topics which we cover in more detail on the English-language pages of our website.

We are very much looking forward to continuing collaboration with the many public authorities, private companies, other organisations, and international partners who play a role in the digital transformation of society.

Lars Frelle-Petersen