Clear legal framework for eGovernment

There may well still be mailboxes on the street, but mail from the public sector is now being delivered to citizens’ digital mailboxes. In many cases, public case processing has become fully digital and Danish society has moved into the digital age.

Digitisation and new technology enables greater transparency in public case processing, better services for citizens and a more efficient public sector. However, in some areas, legislation is an obstacle to full utilisation of digital possibilities. Legislation and regulations should be adapted to the digital age.

What is digitisation-ready legislation?

Digitisation-ready legislation entails that legislation enables digital support or automation of administrative procedures; that it establishes the framework for cohesive digitisation across authorities; and that it does not prevent authorities from developing public services using new technology.

One example of procedures being made digital and legislation being made digitisation-ready is that in future summons are to be served digitally. In future, when a citizen is to be served a summons to appear in court, it will primarily be through the citizen’s digital mailbox. Only when the citizen fails to open his or her digital mailbox or reply to a telephone call from the court, will the message be served physically by a bailiff or a police officer.

Committee on Clear Legal Frameworks for eGovernment

The Digital Strategy 2016-2020 establishes a standing committee under the Agency for Digitisation to contribute to ensuring that the cross-sectoral legal frameworks and the digital agenda are in tune as much as possible. The committee is to draw up solutions for how cross-sectoral legal challenges faced by the authorities in connection with implementation of initiatives under the Digital Strategy can be managed. Initially, the committee will investigate how a number of fundamental administrative legal principles such as consultation of parties involved, duty to give guidance and adequate case information can be appropriately incorporated in a digital world.

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