Open Government Partnership

The purpose of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is to promote good governance, to strengthen democracy, and to utilise digital technology to improve society.


Denmark has joined the international initiative “Open Government Partnership” (OGP). The initiative was founded by the U.S. government in collaboration with seven other countries and today almost 70 countries participate in the partnership. The purpose of the OGP is to promote good governance, to strengthen democracy, and to utilise digital technology to improve society. Participating countries commit themselves to implement initiatives for increased transparency in public decision processes, citizen participation and dialogue with civil society, anti-corruption and accountability, and technology and innovation.

A ‘Danish society 2.0’

In Denmark, OGP shall contribute – amongst other goals – to ensuring that public services are delivered in the best and most efficient way in order to stimulate and support innovation and value-creation in society, to strengthen knowledge, public engagement, transparency, collaboration and cohesion. A main driver is the use of new technology and media which allows citizens and businesses to access public information and technology, and increase collaboration between the public sector and civil society.

With "Open Government" we will continue to develop our digital government, our welfare system and our democracy towards a "version 2.0" by exploiting the digital opportunities fully. This is why we also call it "Government 2.0". It's about new technology - but most of all it's about a new approach to the role of the public sector.

Open and iterative process

Working with the Open Government Partnership and promoting “Open Government” and “Government 2.0” practices in Denmark will be an ongoing and open process that must extend well beyond the Action Plan initiatives. This is important, not least because the main purpose of the OGP initiative is to change the mindset in the public sector. The work on open government is not a technical project; rather it focuses on bringing about fundamental changes within the public sector and in the way it builds relationships and collaborates. As a consequence, additional initiatives can be included in the work and in future action plans. The Danish Open Government Partnership effort must be based on an open process - and all of Denmark is invited to participate.

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