Wave 3 on mandatory self-service

The digitisation strategy takes the form of four waves up to 2015.

The following areas are comprised by Wave 3 on mandatory digital self-service as of 1 December 2014:

Information on and application regarding weapons and explosives, etc. 
2 Application for planning permission, etc. and information on building works
3 Application for designation of premises and outdoor areas
4 Information regarding waste management schemes
5 Application for parental responsibility, the child’s residence, contact with the child, etc.
Application for legal separation and divorce and maintenance payments
7 Statements, etc. of paternity and co-maternity
8 Application for adoption
9 Application for child support
10 Application for maintenance payments during marriage
11 Application for loan towards a tenant’s deposit
12 Application for special use of private shared roads (road digging, cable works, etc.)
13 Application for special use of public roads (road digging, cable works, etc.)
14 Application for parking permits
15 Submission of information on people registered at an address
16 Request for local directory and marketing protection
17 Request for isolated unprotected standard information from the Civil Registration System (CPR)
18 Request for attestations under the Civil Registration System Act
19 Application for housing benefits
20 Application for state pension
21 Application for deferred pension
22 Application for disability pension (calculation and payment)
23 Application for collection of maintenance payments
24 Application for child allowance, etc.
25 Application for heating allowance
26 Application for maternity/paternity benefits
27 Application for children and youth allowance