Next Generation of Digital Post

Next generation Digital Post will replace the current Digital Post solution. The aim is to increase the efficiency and improve the user experience of the Digital Post solution, as well as deliver a simple and futureproof communication solution for Denmark.

The Agency for Digitisation is to develop the future Digital Post solution.

The first versions of Digital Post have been a natural initial step towards a digitized society in which communication is increasingly digital. Approx. 4.3 million citizens and approx. 680,000 businesses use and receive Digital Post today, and approx. 400 authorities are part of the solution and send Digital Post messages via the solution. The number of mails is increasing. Thus, in 2014, 48 million digital mails were sent, while in 2015 the number had increased to around 86 million. In 2016, the number was 112.6 million. The Digital Post of the future will go a step further and develop the way in which we communicate. 

The Next Generation Digital Post will take over when the contract with the current supplier, e-Boks A/S, lapses. This contract runs until 2018 and can be extended twice for one year, i.e. by up to two years.

Citizens, businesses, and public authorities all have expectations and needs from the future solution. Meeting these expectations and needs is a complex jigsaw puzzle. The aim of the new communication solution is to Increase the efficiency and improve the user experience of the Digital Post solution, as well as deliver a simple communication solution for Denmark, which is futureproof and which can be used by everyone to distribute and receive important information, including secure and non-repudiable mail, see the Danish Public Digital Post Act.

Public consultation on the Next generation of Digital Post 

Dialogue with the market about the Next generation Digital post is extremely important. As part of this dialogue, the Agency for Digitization held a public consultation on the initial direction for the future Digital Post. 

  • The consultation ran from September 9th to October 12th 2016. 

You can find the English consultation documents in in the column on the right side of this page.

We embrace dialog with all user groups, if you wish to go into a dialog about the future of Digital Post you are welcome to contact the project group.