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User experience - at the heart of digital self-service

05-03-2015 News UK

Danes are now frequently using the digital channels and communicating online with public authorities. Consequently, the overall user experience of the digital services needs to be improved in the coming years. plays a key role.

Danes are familiar with and frequently use the e-Government portal, In 2014, had 27.6 million visits – equivalent to an average of more than two million visits per day. And the number of visits is rapidly increasing. This year in January alone, was visited 3.1 million times.  

Most recently, Danes have been allocated a personal digital letterbox at, from where they can read and send Digital Post to and from the public authorities and receive post from companies and private organisations.

The gateway to 2,000 self-service solutions supports the public authorities’ business and online contact with citizens. At, citizens have access to approx. 700 articles containing information about rules and rights. And today the portal is a display window for around 2,000 local and central government self-service solutions. Citizens can, for example, enroll their children in daycare, register a change of address and apply for a state pension.

The public authorities still have ownership of their own self-service solutions, in which they are responsible for the dialogue with, and service delivery to, citizens. supports the public authorities’ core business by providing a common point of entry that makes it easier for citizens to navigate the public sector, says Head of Division at the Agency for Digitisation, Helle Junge Nielsen, who has responsibility for

“Citizens don’t always know where the public authorities intersect with each other and they are not necessarily aware of which public authority delivers a particular service. Here, a common digital portal to the public sector is of great value for the individual because we are able to gather information across the public authorities,” she explains. - a key component of the overall user experience
According to Helle Junge Nielsen, the importance of positive user experiences and quicker decisions will move higher up on the agenda in the coming years:   
“With the transition to Digital Post and the introduction of mandatory self-service in over 60 areas so far, we have successfully persuaded a great many citizens to switch over to using the digital channels. In the next few years, we therefore owe it to Danes to ensure that the entire public sector devotes even greater energy to delivering good public digital service”, she says.

Specifically, the Agency for Digitisation is focusing its work on the Danes’ digital contact with public authorities from the overall perspective of the ‘user experience’ – right from a citizen’s specific need – e.g. to enroll their child in a school - and knowledge that this need has to be addressed online, to the need being met. is a key component in ensuring a positive user experience, because citizens will often click on this website to find information and access a self-service solution.

“User-friendliness at is absolutely crucial for enabling citizens to navigate around easily and find the relevant self-service solutions. But for citizens the overall experience also depends on the quality of the individual self-service solution. Therefore, we must constantly seek to improve all parts of the digital service delivery”, Helle Junge Nielsen concludes.

Collaboration and partnerships behind
We need to make it easy for citizens to use digital self-service and find information about the public sector. With this in mind, was launched in January 2007 as a single digital point of access to the public sector. Here, Danes can access the self-service solutions any time of the day, any time of the year.

Today, a large number of public authorities collaborate on delivering content to Certain public authorities – e.g. Udbetaling Danmark (translates Payments Denmark) – have closed down their separate websites, and their webpages and self-service solutions now can only be found at

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