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Professional systems management creates strong foundation for digital society

28-09-2015 News UK

For the past year, the Agency for Digitisation has worked on an ambitious programme to make the Agency a more professional public IT systems manager. This will help ensure greater reliability and transparency in working with large shared public IT systems such as the eID system NemID, the digital communications system Digital Post, and the citizens' portal

The Agency for Digitisation is responsible for systems management of a number of Denmark's central IT systems such as
  • the eID system NemID,
  • the digital communications system Digital Post,
  • the federated user-management system NemLog-in,
  • the default bank account system NemKonto,
  • and the citizens' portal

Systems management comprises operation, support, and maintenance of systems as well as contract and supplier management. Good and effective systems management is a prerequisite for the Agency for Digitisation to be able to live up to expectations, and to ensuring confidence in and support for the Agency's work with digitisation. It is therefore an important strategic goal for the Agency to professionalise the systems management.

The programme for professionalisation was launched in early 2015 and will run until the end of 2017. The programme will make systems management at the Agency for Digitisation even better - and will help create a solid basis for achieving the full potential of digitisation.

ITIL provides uniform and consistent workflows
To ensure more professional systems management, several initiatives have been launched, including the introduction of ITIL processes (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). ITIL is the international best practice standard for systems operation.  ITIL processes are to provide more uniform and consistent workflows and together with 'lean' process management create a culture of improvement in systems management which will promote, among other things, better utilisation of IT investments and greater reliability.
Improved communications with stakeholders
A major element in professionalisation programme is to strengthen communications with government departments and partners, and to ensure greater involvement of the departments and more attention to their business needs. Transparent and timely communication on the operation of the shared public systems is a major area of focus for the Agency, and already significant progress has been made with the provision of better operations information via the in-house platform and via Twitter.

A role model for good systems management

The vision is that the Agency for Digitisation shall act as a role model on the management of shared public systems when the programme of professionalisation has been completed in 2017. The Agency will therefore engage with the public sector parties in the new Digital Strategy which is being prepared, so that elements from the Agency's model for professional systems management can be part of a future joint public sector model for systems management.