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New survey: Danes are happy with Digital Post

18-05-2015 News UK

76 percent of all Danes signed up for Digital Post are happy to be receiving their mail digitally from public authorities. It is the highest degree of satisfaction ever measured.

On 1st of November 2014, it became mandatory for citizens to receive mail digitally from public authorities. Today - six months later - 4,697,040 Danes are signed up for Digital Post and the majority of them are satisfied or very satisfied with Digital Post. That is the conclusion of a new user satisfaction survey carried out by Epinion. 

Satisfaction has increased by 15 percent 

As many as 76 percent of the survey respondents indicate that they are satisfied or very satisfied with Digital Post. This is an increase of 15 percent compared to a similar survey in June 2014. Head of Division at the Agency for Digitisation, Louise Palludan Kampmann, is pleased with the result: 

"We are very pleased that the Danes have taken Digital Post to heart. It is an important task to ensure that citizens can easily read the digital letters and messages which have replaced the previous paper documents. It is positive that we are constantly making it easier for citizens."

Digital Post is an easy-to-use and secure channel

The survey also asked users about the reasons behind their satisfaction. Generally, they reply that Digital Post makes it easy and secure to communicate with public authorities. At the same time many citizens mention that they are happy that Digital Post will free up funds for other public welfare services.

"The study shows that citizens really care how we prioritise public funds. By sending letters digitally, we can save a lot of money that can be used for purposes other than postage and paper" says Louise Palludan Kampmann and continues: 

"But it is also important for us that assistance and information are available to those who may find the shift to digital  difficult - in these cases, giving a family member read-only access is a good solution."

According to the survey, 8 percent of users of Digital Post today use the option of giving an acquaintance or relative read-only access to their digital mailbox.

The Agency for Digitisation works continuously to optimise Digital Post and uses the survey results to improve usability, making it even easier to receive mail digitally from public authorities.