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New satisfaction survey on NemID

19-01-2015 News UK

Recent years have seen a great deal of media coverage of cases concerning data and ICT security. This seems to have affected the public's view of NemID, and a new survey shows that the Danes' high level of confidence in NemID has decreased from 79% in 2013 to 72% in 2014. This decrease has taken place even though NemID has never been compromised or hacked. Satisfaction with NemID is still high. A total of 88% are satisfied with the solution.

As many as 4.3 million Danes currently have NemID, which is the internet key to public authorities and banks. Therefore, support for NemID is an important requirement for more digitisation in Danish society, and this is apparent from the figures on usage.

The Danish Agency of Digitisation has prepared the annual image survey, and even though confidence in NemID is generally high, there has been a decrease of 7% compared to last year. Similar to last year, confidence in NemID is strongest among the older population, but there is less confidence in all age groups. In general only few people are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with NemID, and 88% are still satisfied with the solution. Something new is that the public has expressed great satisfaction with using NemID on mobile devices, which became possible in the summer of 2014.

In recent years, Danes have witnessed a number of cases regarding data security. The past years have seen many professional-looking phishing emails (an attempt of financial fraud through email), individuals have had their identities stolen, and there has been the controversial Se & Hør magazine surveillance scandal. All this has probably helped increase the sense of insecurity among the public.

NemID is secure
All the situations mentioned above are likely to have contributed to the decreasing confidence in NemID. However, NemID has never been compromised in terms of security or hacked, and still has a very high level of security.

The two-factor authentication in particular results in a very high level of security. Two-factor authentication means information only the user knows (password) and information the user possesses (code card). If anyone were to succeed in getting hold of the password, this person cannot then use the password without the code card and vice versa.

Nets DanID ensures that NemID is constantly well protected, but it goes without saying that it is also important that users themselves make sure to update and protect computers, mobile phones or tablets with an antivirus program.

New strategy strengthens cyber and information security
On the basis of the increasing need for public confidence in using digital services, on 16 December 2014 the Danish government launched a new, national strategy for cyber and information security. With this new strategy, government authorities are professionalising their work on information security and are strengthening their resilience against cyberattacks.

The strategy contains 27 specific initiatives to help make Denmark a more secure country for digital services, and to maintain public confidence in digital services.

Facts - more figures from the survey

More people log onto public websites with NemID
Most people use NemID for online banking. In addition to online banking, NemID can be used for many other public digital self-service solutions and private solutions. More people have started using NemID for other purposes than online banking. In 2014, 40% used NemID on other websites, against 35% in 2013. Similarly, the use of NemID on public-authority websites has increased. In 2013, 83% of individuals logged onto digital services on public-authority websites with NemID. In 2014, this figure increased to 87 %.

NemID via smartphone and tablet
In the summer of 2014, it became possible to log onto websites with NemID via smartphones and tablets. Many people have embraced this opportunity. A total of 79% are satisfied with access via their smartphone and tablet.

According to the survey, 50 % believe that they will use NemID via smartphones and tablets in the future, and that this will make them use NemID more often. Among young people who believe they will make use of this option in digital platforms, 63% believe that this will increase their use of NemID.