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Users will get new functionalities in Digital Post

15-04-2015 News UK

4.3 million Danes already use Digital Post and now new version of the solution is being developed. Users’ experience with the current Digital Post solution will be used as a basis to create a better and more user-friendly solution for citizens, businesses, and public agencies.

In early 2016, Danes will see a new and in several areas enhanced version of Digital Post. The new version of the solution will contain a number of new functionalities. From a user perspective, the new solution will resemble the one we have today; however, new functions will be added and usability will be improved.
The Agency for Digitisation has collected users' experiences with the existing solution and this data materiale has provided a basis for concrete requirements for the new solution. Together with the supplier, e-Boks, the Agency for Digitisation is now working to define how various functions should be designed and user tests are being conducted with representatives of citizens, businesses and governments.
Head of Division Lone Berglykke says: "Usability and accessibility are very important when we develop new solutions, and it is crucial for us that Digital Post 2 will provide even more value for users, whether citizens, companies or public agencies . We expect that the current solution is going to handle about 60 million digital letters from the public sector in 2015, and with that comes responsibility. "
User testing of new functionality

The user tests which have already been carried out have focused on the new features of the solution. Among the new functionalities that have been user tested are:
  • Forwarding of Digital Post
    There has been great demand for a forwarding functionality. A group of citizens have tested the new feature which will make possible automatic forwarding of a copy of messages and letters received in Digital Post to an e-mail address of the user’s choice.
  • Rules-based automated sorting and filing
    Employees in private companies have tested a prototype of new and more user-friendly way to manage messages and letters received in Digital Post by setting up sorting rules to help file content. This means that companies which receive large numbers of messages and letters can set up rules to automatically file messages from a specific sender in a specific folder.
  • Request for a receipt
    Civil servants have tested another new feature in Digital Post: requesting a receipt from message recipients. This functionality allows public agencies to ask citizens to confirm that they have received a specific message sent by Digital Post, for example enabling a hospital to ask a citizen confirm that he has received a message on an upcoming appointment at the hospital. However, it will be up to each user to decide whether or not to enable this feature.
In the coming months more user tests will be conducted and this summer it will be decided exactly which improved functionality users will experience from 2016.
Why do we refer to solutions as Digital Post 1, 2 and 3?

The naming reflects the three generations of Digital Post solutions: The current solution, on which e-Box is the supplier and for which the contract expires in early 2016, is  called Digital Post 1. The successor to Digital Post 1 is colloquially called Digital Post 2. This solution has just been tendered and will also be delivered by e-Boks. This solution is expected to be launched in early 2016. When the contract on Digital Post 2 expires in 2018, it must be replaced by a new - possibly quite different -Digital Post solution. The work on this solution is currently being initiated and is colloquially called Digital Post 3.