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New and stronger Agency for Digitisation from 1st August

26-06-2014 News UK

Since its inception in 2011, the Agency for Digitisation has worked to implement the common eGovernment Strategy. With the prospect of setting new joint government strategic objectives, the Executive Board decided to ‘X-ray’ the Agency and prepare the organisation for the challenges of the future.

A stakeholder analysis and a comprehensive strategy analysis have been conducted, both of which concluding that the Agency for Digitisation has played a key role in the digitisation of the public sector in Denmark, and that this platform should further developed to make the Agency an even stronger player in the future.

Digitization Agency faces a number of fundamental milestones, including the rollout of Digital Post which becomes mandatory from 1st November 2014. It is important that maximum focus on this task is maintained while also addressing the need for a number of new strategic initiatives.

New strategic direction
In the coming years will Digitization Agency will implement existing policy objectives and redouble efforts within the following areas:

  • Step up efforts to professionalise system management of common IT solutions, including effective contract management and increased customer focus.
  • Assume responsibility for policy and strategy regarding IT security in the public sector.
  • Focus analytical power in those areas and sectors where the greatest impact can be achieved, and work towards a greater degree of efficiency end-to-end.
  • Take explicit responsibility for improving user experience in public sector digital services, both regarding our own digital solutions and those of other public authorities.
  • Build on existing experience on management of government IT projects, and analyse new roads to stronger governance and more successful public IT.
  • Create a more clear-cut organisation of, respectively, development and operation of IT solutions, for example by establishing a clear and focused management of the major (renewed) calls for tender.

The specific objectives of much of this work will be set through the development of a new joint eGovernment Strategy in which the longer-term ambitions for the digitisation of the public sector, as well as the Agency for Digitisation's role, will be defined.

To support the new strategic direction, a new organisational structure will be introduced by 1st August 2014. The Executive Board will be strengthened through the appointment of an additional Deputy Director-General who will be responsible for realising the high ambitions regarding professionalisation of system management, IT security, and usability. In addition, several existing divisions will be merged to create three major centres to facilitate greater synergy across the Agency and to ensure a more efficient and flexible use of resources and skills.