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NemID of the future becomes MitID

30-05-2017 NDIS UK

The next generation NemID (the Danish eID/digital signature) is well on its way and has now been given a name. NemID will become MitID, and the new solution will provide user-friendly and futureproof secure access to online banking, Digital Post and much more.

NemID (the Danish eID/digital signature solution) has made life easier for citizens in Denmark. A total of 4.7 million Danes have NemID and use it every day.
However, development won't stop here. Therefore, the Danish banking sector and the public sector have teamed up to develop a digital key for citizens named MitID (My eID solution).

"The name MitID is not only a new name, it also heralds a clear improvement of the current NemID. The 4.7 million current users are actually very satisfied with their NemID. Nevertheless, technological developments require us to set new goals. We must provide users with a more user-friendly, mobile and flexible solution. This work is well under way and has now been given a name," said Mr. Lars Frelle-Petersen, Director-General of the Agency for Digitisation.

"We're pleased that we can contribute to an important part of the ICT infrastructure of the Danish society. With good public-private collaboration on the new MitID, we will continue to ensure secure access to online banking, public services, and other parts of the digital infrastructure requiring confidentiality. MitID will build on a technologically intuitive platform to allow users to continue to live online without restriction or concern," said Mr. Ulrik Nødgaard, CEO of FinanceDenmark, the organisation representing the Danish banking and mortgage sector.

The future solution is about to be put up for tender.

Read more and follow the development of MitID here (in Danish only).

Watch a film about the new name and logo on Facebook/Digitaliseringsstyrelsen (in Danish).