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Evaluation of the National Council for IT Projects and the Ministry IT Projects Division

30-11-2016 News UK

An evaluation of work by the National Council for IT Projects and the Ministry IT Projects Division for the period 2011-2015 has now been completed. Among other things, the evaluation shows that the work has enhanced management focus in the authorities behind major and risky IT projects.

Enhanced management of IT projects

The Danish Council for IT Projects and the Ministry IT Projects Division were established in 2011 to help professionalise work by central government authorities on major IT projects, to ensure a full overview across the government IT portfolio, and to enable the public to monitor the status and progress of IT projects. 

Significant results

A new report has evaluated work from 2011 to 2015. Overall, the evaluation shows that the National IT Project Council has generally fulfilled its role as an independent adviser on the management of high-risk IT projects satisfactorily. In particular, the report concludes that work by the IT Project Council has improved management focus on IT projects at the authorities.
The report also concludes that the common central-government IT project model is widely applied and that the central government authorities are satisfied with the model. 

The evaluation also points to areas where efforts could be improved. Selected authorities are calling for methods and tools aimed at more agile development processes and a more differentiated approach to the individual project. Finally, the report also concludes that there is a need to enhance IT competencies at the authorities.    

The evaluation of the IT Project Council and the Ministry IT Projects Division is a good starting point for further work to establish a better framework for completing and professionalising government IT projects 

Download the summary of the results from the Agency for Digitisation here (in Danish) (pdf).

About the evaluation

The evaluation was prepared by Deloitte and it is based on questionnaires sent to project managers and heads of steering committees from 57 risk-assessed projects at government authorities. In addition, interviews with project managers, members of the Danish Council for IT Projects and department heads from six authorities were also carried out. 

Further information

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