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Ready, Set, Go for Digital Study Start

12-02-2015 News UK

Many Danish young people start their studies in February. Before study start, there are a number of practical matters they need to attend to, and many of these can be performed online

In February, Denmark’s educational institutions stand ready to welcome young people who want to study to become doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, etc. For many young people, study start also means moving to a new place – and perhaps for the first time. In this connection it is necessary to report their change of address to the authorities and maybe also a change of general practitioner. Many also have the opportunity to apply for state education support (SU) or housing benefits. With NemID it is all done very swiftly online. 

NemID is the secure login that is used to log onto public websites. 

"Study start is an exciting time with a great many new things. There are also many practical matters that need to be dealt with. Today, that is to be done online, which is both easy and convenient for most students because they are used to and well-prepared for the digital world," says Head of Division Louise Palludan Kampmann, the Danish Agency for Digitisation. She adds:

"Because everything takes place online, it is also possible to attend to practical matters even when travelling. This applies also to digital mail from public authorities. The only thing that is necessary is to remember your NemID and then access It won’t make any difference whether you are in Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur or Kingston." 

In connection with their study start, Danish young people have to deal with the following matters online:

Apply for SU (state education support)

Danish students can apply for SU (state education support) at SU is financial assistance that young people can apply for during their education.

Apply for an Ungdomskort (youth card)

Students who live far away from their educational institution and use public transport can apply for a public transportation pass known as Ungdomskort at in order to save money on transport. 

Report a change of address

A change of address in connection with study start must be reported to Folkeregisteret (National Register) at and to the postal service at It is also necessary to choose a new general practitioner at if the move to the new address is more than 15 km from the previous residence. 

Apply for housing benefits

If it is a matter of rented accommodation, students may be entitled to housing benefits. Applications for housing benefits should be made at 

Digital Post from public authorities 

On 1 November 2014 it became mandatory for all Danes who had not been granted exemption to receive Digital Post from public authorities. This means that students must remember to check their mail at or as this is where they will receive important messages about e.g. SU, housing benefits or tax-related matters.