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Dialogue with private parties on NemID partnership

21-04-2015 News UK

In March and April, the Agency for Digitisation conducted dialogue sessions with five private parties. The meetings have provided valuable input on the possible design of a public-private partnership on next generation NemID, the Danish national eID solution, and on which elements would be most suitable for such collaboration.

Experience with NemID and not least the initial work on the next generation NemID has made it quite clear that it is a great advantage that NemID can be used for login on both public and private solutions. On behalf of public sector parties involved, the Agency for Digitisation has explored the possibilities of developing and operating the next generation NemID in cooperation with one or more private parties. Such a partnership would make possible public funding and, at the same time, ensure a solution that meets the needs of both the public and private sectors. 

Positive dialogue with private parties

How can a public-private partnership for the next generation NemID be organised and managed? And how can the partnership and its joint solution be financed? What private sector needs must a future NemID solution meet - and what trends in the market are relevant to the technical solution and could help meet those needs?

These are some of the many questions on which the Agency for Digitisation has received input after calling for a so-called technical dialogue with the market on a possible public-private partnership. A total of five private parties participated in the technical dialogue: Gemalto Denmark A / S, Insurance, Microsoft Denmark, CSC Denmark, and the Danish Bankers Association.

The dialogue has shown that the private sector is generally in favour of a future public-private partnership, because such a partnership will help ensure a wide take-up of the next generation NemID in Danish society - across the public and private sector.

The goal of all parties is clear: one shared NemID like the one we have today, which can be used to log into both public and private solutions. And provided that the public sector and one or more private partners can agree on some common needs then why not collaborate on the development and operation of such a solution?

A public-private partnership

An important conclusion from the technical dialogue is that a more formalised partnership must be established before the NemID solution can be put out to tender if both the public and private partners is to influence the design of the solution. The establishment of a partnership for the next generation NemID therefore requires two things: that the partnership organisation and funding is decided and that the object of collaboration of the partnership - the shared NemID solution - is described.

Head of Division Marianne Sørensen, who is in charge of working on the next generation NemID, is happy with the constructive dialogue with the private sector:

"The dialogue with the private parties has shown us what the private sector wants from a partnership on the future NemID" she says and continues:

"The conclusions of the meetings give us a much more informed basis on which to make the necessary decisions on the partnership structures and especially on the kind of NemID solution which best meets the wishes and needs of both the public and private sectors."

Next steps

Now a political decision must be made on the further process of establishing cooperation with the private parties. It is expected that a tender-like process must be conducted to ensure that all private operators who have an interest in the partnership will be able to participate.

The Agency for Digitisation expects to be able to sign a contract with one or more private partners by early 2016 and that the resulting partnership will then conduct a call for tender on a shared NemID solution.