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Denmark working on new joint government eGovernment Strategy

26-11-2014 News UK

The current Danish eGovernment Strategy expires in 2015, and the Agency for Digitisation is in charge of developing a new eGovernment Strategy for the period 2016-2020.

The new eGovernment Strategy 2016-2020 will build on the current eGovernment Strategy to help ensure that Denmark will reap the full benefits of the ambitious steps already taken.

At the same time, the new eGovernment Strategy will define the framework for the next wave of public digitisation, including

  • how the public sector can build on citizens' and businesses' increasing use of digital channels, and develop better digital services that are tailored to their needs,
  • how increased digitisation and automation of public tasks can support efficiency, and
  • how an effective digital public sector can support good conditions for competitive and productive enterprises, and help boost growth and employment.

Kickoff event for all stakeholders
The Agency for Digitisation Agency wishes to engage all stakeholders in dialogue on the challenges and opportunities that the new eGovernment Strategy should focus on. To launch this dialogue, the Agency for Digitisation hosted a kick-off event on 25th November in close cooperation with the Danish IT Industry Association (ITB).

A lively and fruitful conversation between IT vendors, politicians, and civil servants took place. Among others things, the participants discussed how digitisation can ease the administrative burdens in businesses and support economic growth, how to develop new user-friendly solutions, how case processing can be automated, how welfare services can be digitised, and how IT security can be improved across the public sector. The new eGovernment Strategy will come into force in 2016.