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Other countries want to learn about Danish digitisation

02-03-2015 News UK

Foreign delegations flock to Denmark to learn about how we organise digitisation of the public sector and its services.

The Agency for Digitisation receives delegation visits from many different countries wanting to learn about Denmark's approach to digitisation. In 2014 alone, a total of 23 delegations visited the Agency for Digitisation, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, Tanzania, and the United Arab Emirates.

The foreign delegations are interested in many different aspects of Danish digitisation, both specific common public solutions such as NemID, Digital Post and the Citizen’s Portal and more cross-cutting topics such as strategies, governance, and legislation.

However, there are some areas that clearly stand out in terms of acute interest and popularity: These are the multi-year joint public sector eGovernment Strategies in which central, regional and municipal governments define long-term frameworks for the digitisation of the public sector; the implementation of mandatory digital self-service and mandatory Digital Post; Denmark's work on open government data and basic data; and the role of the IT Project Council and use of an IT project model and IT programme model.

In addition to receiving numerous delegations, the Agency for Digitisation regularly participates in relevant international conferences and seminars to share experience with other countries.