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Danish OGP Action Plan extended

07-01-2015 News UK

The Danish OGP Action Plan has been extended to run until 1 July 2016, and two new commitments have been added; one commitment under the theme of "Open Data" and one under the theme of "Promoting Open Government".

Commitment: Opening of key public datasets

Public data can be used as a raw material in the development of innovative digital services in the private sector, and access to public data can help increase transparency in the public administration. But a number of key government datasets are only partially open and accessible to civil society.

The new commitment on public data aims to open up, in accordance with the Open Data Index 'criteria, data on government spending and other key public datasets. Following the amendment of the Danish PSI Act on access to government data, the standard license for open public data will also be updated. In addition, guidelines for civil society and other private stakeholders on how to access public data and guidelines for public authorities on how to open up data will be updated and promoted.

Commitment: Open government assistance to Myanmar

In addition to promoting open government nationally, the Danish Government wishes to promote and support  in other countries. Following the recent establishing of a Danish embassy in Myanmar, a commitment is made to support the country's development towards more democratic processes, good governance and respect for human rights. This includes assistance specifically in working towards the objective of a more open government with a view to encouraging Myanmar to aspire to join the OGP.

A capacity-building programme will be provided in Myanmar based on Denmark's experiences with open government in general and participation in the OGP specifically. This is to be followed up with assistance and support to improve democratic processes, good governance and public management as part of the overall development aid programme. A report on the Danish open government assistance programme will be published to ensure transparency.

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