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In two weeks, Danes will receive their post from public authorities digitally.

20-10-2014 News UK

From 1 November 2014, everyone in Denmark who is able to receive post digitally will receive Digital Post from public authorities. A total of 97% of Danes are aware of the transition to Digital Post, and about two-thirds of the target group are ready to receive Digital Post.

Denmark is the first country in the world to take this epoch-making step when on 1 November 2014 it becomes mandatory for all individuals over the age of 15 to receive post digitally from public authorities. Individuals who have not signed up for Digital Post before 1 November will be signed up automatically.

Digital Post from public authorities is a secure post system which can be accessed through the web-portal for citizens - Digital Post is the same type of post which currently is sent by letter post, such as pension statements, letters from hospitals or from municipalities. Individuals can choose to be notified about new messages in their Digital Post box by text message or email.

Individuals, who are not able to read their post digitally, for example because of a disability, language difficulties or because they do not have a computer can be exempted. These individuals will continue to receive their letters from public authorities by letter post.

Mandatory Digital Post is expected to save public authorities about DKK 1 billion annually.

A total of 97 % of Danes are familiar with Digital Post 

On 18 August 2014, the Danish Agency of Digitisation launched a major communication campaign together with other organisations across the public sector to inform the public about Digital Post and encourage citizens to get ready for the transition to Digital Post, either by signing up or by asking to be exempted. Moreover, an information letter was sent to all citizens.

There are 4.7 million Danes of the age of 15 and above. The most recent survey carried out for the Agency of Digitisation shows that 97% of Danes are now familiar with Digital Post. Furthermore, by 20 October 2014, 2.9 million Danes had signed up while 0.4 million individuals had been exempted.

The awareness campaign focuses on getting young people between 15 and 24 to sign up for Digital Post. Studies have shown that young people have been less familiar with Digital Post and have signed up for Digital Post to a lesser degree.

Broad participation

The communication efforts have involved authorities as well as voluntary organisations. The municipalities have IT home help services which help people in their homes to get started with Digital Post on their own computers. Special task forces have visited care centres and sheltered homes to help with Digital Post. In addition, hospitals have informed patients about Digital Post on information screens, in flyers, etc.

Volunteers from voluntary organisations have worked hard to help in the process. For instance, voluntary IT teachers in IT cafés have helped thousands of elderly to get online. The elderly have become well aware of the transition to Digital Post and the degree of knowledge among people over the age of 70 is 98 %. This high degree of knowledge has resulted in many elderly citizens having signed up for Digital Post or being exempted.

Young volunteers have also worked hard to increase their friends' knowledge of Digital Post and understanding of public authorities. Young digital ambassadors are helping other young people with the digital transformation by giving presentations at their schools and by handing out flyers and bracelets. They have also produced YouTube films about Digital Post, and they are sharing their own activities and activities of other young people on social media.



  • Since June 2014, Danes' knowledge on Digital Post from public authorities has risen from 83 % to 97 %. 
  • From early August to late September, the number of weekly sign-ups for Digital Post has increased by about 50% on average as a result of the campaign and the information letters sent out. 
  • Just over 2.9 million individuals (approx. 62 % of the target group) have signed up for Digital Post (by early October 2014). 
  • So far, more than 400,000 individuals (approx. 9 % of the target group) have been exempted from Digital Post (by early October 2014). 
  • Young people's knowledge has increased from 62 % (June 2014) to 91 % (September 2014).

Source: Megafon survey for the Agency of Digitisation. The survey was conducted as a combined internet survey and telephone survey in September 2014 among 2020 respondents over the age of 15.