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Læs mere om cookies - a hit with the Danes

13-08-2014 News UK has become a website widely known and used by the Danes. Most recently, the site has been used on a large scale to order the blue European Health Insurance Card.

Not even the summer heat can keep the Danes away from the keyboard. In July, the big month for summer holidays, had more than 1.1 million visits.

Over 280,000 Danes ordered the blue European Health Insurance Card via in July, which was rooted of course in a change in the law that made the yellow health insurance card no longer valid abroad as of 1 August.

The five most popular self-service solutions at are currently:

  • Order the blue European Health Insurance Card
  • Holiday pay - FerieKonto
  • Calculate housing benefit
  • Notification of change of address to the national registration office
  • Digital placement service - childcare

During the first half of 2014, has had over 7.5 million visits, and this autumn in particular is expected to see an extra high volume of traffic on Digital Post, as it will be mandatory for all citizens to have a digital letterbox as of 1 November.