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Authorities do not respond to the digital post

30-09-2013 News UK

Researchers at Aalborg University and Roskilde University have studied the response to inquiries sent via the digital letter box - Digital Post. The study's main conclusion is that the rate of responses from the authorities is far from satisfying.

Researchers at Aalborg University and Roskilde University have sent a request via the digital letter box - Digital Post to 243 authorities. They only received responses from one out of three authorities. According to the study, the central government authorities are especially negligent, as only one out of five authorities have responded. The researchers then conducted a similar study using ordinary e-mails:  two out of every three authorities responded to the request. 

Since eDay3 in 2010, it has been a requirement for the authorities to use the digital letter box - Digital Post. Therefore, it is far from satisfactory when authorities do not answer requests sent via Digital Post from citizens and businesses. 

Basically, each authority is responsible for ensuring that the solution is correctly implemented and that the organisation has established the adequate workflows in order to make the handling of Digital Post as reliable as traditional post services are today.  

It is the assessment of the Danish Agency for Digitisation that the main challenge  is the proper organisational implementation of Digital Post. However, there are good reasons for the authorities to test whether letters sent via Digital Post are responded to, as there may be many reasons for non-response. 

A Digital Post checklist has been developed to help authorities to conduct tests of their implementation. Authorities can in this way uncover whether the technical and organisational implementations have been conducted correctly. The Danish Agency for Digitisation is in dialogue with the researchers in order to fully exploit the results. 

Read the report here (Danish only)