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9 out of 10 people know the citizen portal '' - and satisfaction is high

14-01-2015 News UK

The Agency for Digitisation wrapped up 2014 with a survey of the Danes’ knowledge of and satisfaction with the citizen portal ‘’. The conclusion is that most Danes have a good knowledge of, and the vast majority of users are satisfied with the portal

82 percent of users agree or strongly agree that the overall impression of is positive. That is the conclusion of the December survey and it is the highest degree of satisfaction ever measured on At the same time, awareness of is also quite widespread. In the group of citizens from 18 to 69 years old, 90 percent know This is an increase of 9 percentage points since 2013. For citizens over 70 years, the figure is 88 percent. presents information for citizens from across public authorities and currently provides access to approximately 1,900 self-service solutions. Some of the most popular solutions are application for housing assistance, notification of movement and choice of doctor, all of which have been made mandatory in the recent years. In addition, citizens can access their Digital Post box via to read letters, notices and messages from public authorities, and many choose to do so. In December, Digital Post was accessed more than 700,000 times via

The young most positive
Not only do young people have the best knowledge of, they are also the most satisfied with the portal: 92 percent of the 18-29-year-olds know, and among the young citizens equal 89 percent indicate that they have a positive overall impression of

Among many other things, is the place to get an overview of ones student loan or to change the repayment plan and this may be one of the reasons why young people are familiar with the portal.

Every four visits from mobile device
The number of visits to  made from mobile devices is relatively high. In December, there were about 1.8 million visits in total, of which 23 percent were made from a mobile phone or tablet.
With the launch of a mobile version of the national eID ‘NemID’, it is now possible to access a range of self-service solutions from mobile devices. One of these services is the holiday account ‘FerieKonto’ which shows clearly in the usage statistics for In December, there were about 30,000 visits at for the purpose of checking the holiday pay balance or requesting payment.
Head of Division Helle Junge Nielsen believes that the positive figures partly reflect the Agency for Digitisation’s increased focus on optimising the usability of the portal:

"Of course we must continue to optimise and improve the portal, but all in all we are very pleased that so many people have a positive overall impression of It underlines that it helps to constantly strive for excellence in public digital service. In particular, I note that young people are increasingly using and this bodes well for the future. " must provide an overview

The next step towards further optimisation of the user experience on will be taken at the end of March, when an updated version of the portal will be published. New overview pages will present self-service solutions and information articles from across subject areas and public authorities based on life events, e.g. expecting a child or planning to retire. The objective is that citizens get help to get all the way around a topic - and that they also get information and services they did not know they needed.

"People need to feel that they are getting something extra on That they are informed and empowered regarding their own situation, and that they do not need to worry about navigating between authorities, regulations and self-service solutions because presents everything they need in a simple and useful way." concludes Helle Nielsen Junge.