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2015 beats the 2014 record of Digital Post communications

28-09-2015 News UK

During the last week of September 2015 the number of Digital Post communications sent reached 58.8 million. This exceeds the number of communications sent in all of 2014.

When public authorities send messages to citizens, e.g. notification of hospital appointments, day care placement for their children or pension payments, increasingly the messages are sent as Digital Post. This development is clearly seen when looking at statistics on usage of the system.  By the first week of August the number of communications sent equalled the record numbers of the whole of last year.
"It is gratifying to see that public authorities are using Digital Post more and more when they communicate with citizens," says Head of Division at the Agency for Digitisation, Louise Kampmann, and she continues:

"The authorities have changed their procedures from sending paper mail to using Digital Post. Given that Digital Post has only been mandatory for citizens since 1 November 2014 this is very positive. However, we still have to keep working to have more mail redirected from paper mail to Digital Post."

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