The ever-increasing flow of these unsolicited, irrelevant and mass-distributed electronic messages that has been named after the infamous low-end canned meat calls for a strategic reply.

Spam causes great inconvenience and costs. The basic threat is that confidence among citizens and businesses in using information and communication technologies declines, for which reason confidence in the basic infrastructure of the knowledge society will also disappear. At the end of 2004, the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation therefore launched an overall Danish strategy to fight spam.

The strategy is based on cooperation between a wide range of enterprises, interest groups and authorities, all of which contribute in terms of their core competencies. ITEK (Danish trade association for it, telecommunications, electronics and communication enterprises) and the Danish IT Industry Association have made a great effort in this work.

The Danish strategy for fighting spam is based on the objective of creating initiatives that fight spam at many levels and towards many groups, both in the short term and the long term. This strategy is adopted in recognition of the fact that there is no single solution that can be implemented via legislation.