Standardisation creating digital Denmark

Data standardisation is the foundation for creating coherent systems in e-government and a necessary condition for digitising Denmark.

Data standardisation in the Danish public sector means defining and specifying the semantics and syntax of data used and exchanged by public sector organisations.

Data standardisation is not an objective in itself, but a potent means to ensure interoperability and hence better services for citizens and businesses. Common open data standards serve as an instrument to ensure coherent IT solutions, which will make it easier for citizens and businesses to communicate with the public sector using a wide range of available digital services.

The common public data format for exchanging information, OIOXML, makes it possible to realise the vision that citizens and businesses should not give the same information again and again to different authorities. Data given once can be exchanged and understood across authorities and IT systems.

Data standardisation is implemented in a number of focus areas:

E-business standardisation
Case files and documents