Use of open specifications

The OIO Committee and NITA are tasked with promoting use of open specifications in public sector it systems.

All it systems built or bought by a Danish public authority should use open specifications to the largest possible extent.

On order to make this easier for the individual authorities, the OIO Committee maintains a list of open technical specifications and recommendations on whether and where they should be used.

The list is called The OIO Catalogue of Technical Standards on and is freely available to view and comment.

A key point in the use of open specifications occurred in June 2006 when the Danish parliament (Folketinget) made a decision that all public sector it use at the national level should be based on open specifications. This decision was extended to include the regional and municipal levels in September 2007. 

Read the report on openness of ten international standardisation organisations (pdf) (pdf) as a tool for evaluating the openness of technical specifications.