OIO architecture framework

The OIO architecture framework is the common public framework for working with architecture and standards. The framework comprises principles, methods, standards for documentation and classification of architecture work, and also a number of tools.

The OIO architecture framework - also known as OIO EA - is an "umbrella" for collecting a range of elements that help stakeholders in an architecture project.

For each step in the OIO EA method, there is a description of objectives, stakeholders, input, output, method, example, good advice and links.

The method supports various types of architecture projects (scenarios).

The framework works in the same way as a bookcase, keeping track of documentation and making it easier to retrieve and share knowledge.

• The OIO architecture framework is based on the Enterprise Architecture (EA) concept, which incorporates both business and IT architecture, and covers both the individual organisation and a cross-organisational perspective.

• The core of the OIO architecture framework is the OIO EA method and the OIO EA architecture bookcase, which provide an overall framework for architectural work and the documentation of this.

• The OIO EA framework is intended to ensure coherence across the various OIO methods, guidelines and tools, e.g. the OIO catalogue of technology standards, OIOXML data standards (known as the InfoStructure Base), OIO web services, etc.