Market Dialogue about the Next Generation of NemLog-in

The Agency for Digitisation is hosting dialogue meetings with IT suppliers regarding the next generation of NemLog-in. 
The existing contract on NemLog-in expires in January 2019. The Agency for Digitisation is therefore about to procure the solution again. 

There are two procurements on NemLog-in3:
1. One procurement on operation
2. One procurement on maintenance- and development 

It is possible for potential dialogue parties to register for dialogue regarding contract 1 (operation), contract 2 (maintenance- and development) or both contracts (operation and maintenance- and development)
The purpose of the dialogue is to receive input from potential suppliers in order to compile the tender documents for the next generation of NemLog-in.


Potential dialogue parties are kindly asked to register their interest by email to by no later than the 7th of October 2016. When registering, please state what contract(s) you are interested in (contract 1, contract 2 or both contracts). 
Dialogue candidates should send contact information of a relevant reference person and a brief description of experience with projects of similar nature within either the public or other sectors. If a large number of participation requests are received, reservations are made to reduce the number of dialogue parties in the market dialogue down to 8 on each lot. As a starting point the dialogue will be held in Danish. English can be offered upon request.

The dialogue meetings are scheduled for November 2016. Before the meetings, the Agency for Digitisation will send a description of the solution and a questionnaire that the dialogue partners are obligated to answer before the dialogue.  

Prior information notice concerning the market dialogue and the upcoming tender is announced at the TED-database (in English) and can be downloaded here:

Link to the TED Database 

You can read more about NemLog-in here (pdf)