Relevant material

A number of reports, analyses and other material concerning the next generation of NemID have been drawn up.

The reports and analyses are parts of the basis for decisions on a future solution.



Read more about the partnership between The Danish Agency for Digitasation and the banks in Denmark. 


The Agency for Digitisation has hosted an information meeting on the next generation of national digital identity and signing. The presentation sketches the public sector business needs as well as the preliminary conceptuel outline of the architecture regarding the next generation solutions for citizens, businesses and next generation NemLogin (single sign-on). The information meeting is part of the preparation for the technical dialogue with the market regarding the upcoming tenders. 


As part of the preparations for the next generation national electronic identity and signing a short introduction to the present infrastructure as well as the needs and expectations for the next generation infrastructure has been made.



The Agency for Digitisation in cooperation with the other public authorities and with the assistance from Rambøll Management completed a report, which among other things establishes three scenarios for a future solution. The report also picks up on the pre-analysis for the next generation of NemID. See the report here (in Danish):

Materials from an external review in January (in Danish):


The Agency for Digitisation hosted two workshops with a wide range of public and private organizations about opportunities, challenges and requirements in relation to the next generation of NemID. The purpose was to create an open discussion and receive concrete inputs to the project’s analytical phase. See the material from the workshop here (in Danish): 



Rambøll Management has drawn up a report which among other things describes technical and security measures in a future solution. See the report here (in Danish):

The Agency for Digitisation has hosted a preliminary technical dialogue with the market. See the material here (in English and Danish):

The Danish Regions have also produced two analyses which among other things map the regions’ use of the present solution and the challenges with the current solution. The analyses also cover the needs of the regions in connection to a future solution. For more information please contact senior consultant Hans Henrik Bøttger, Region Midtjylland at

The Danish Business Authority has furthermore developed an analysis which maps the challenges with NemID in the area of business. You can see the analysis on the Danish Business Authority’s website (in Danish):


Rambøll Management has drawn up a report which describes the business needs of users and stakeholders and analyses experiences with the present solution. This is part of the first stage of preanalysis. See the report here (in Danish): 


In the summer 2014 a wide public hearing took place concerning the future NemID. See the responses here (in Danish):

The Agency for Digitisation has produced an analysis of the needs and wishes of users for the next generation of NemID as part of the first phase of the pre-analysis: for-analysens første fase. The analysis collects the experiences of the users based on a number of workshops and interviews with focus groups from different user groups, who all use NemID. Based on the interviews with the focus groups a number of concepts for the next generation of NemID were drawn up. See the analysis here (in Danish):