(citizen portal) is the Danish site on the Internet where Danish citizens can find all public information and self-service options on a one-stop basis.

The purpose of is to make the entry to the public sector on the Internet simpler and more coherent, making the access logical to citizens rather than being logical in relation to how structures are organised in the public sector. In order to target the communication at users more efficiently, a method known as personas has been used. and My Page

On "My Page", citizen-centered, personal information held by public authorities is rendered accessible to Danish citizens through the use of their digital signature, thus guaranteeing secure identity management. Citizens can now gain easy access to personalized data and services such as taxes, economy, housing, and civil register data.

To mention a few specific examples offered on "My Page", the citizen can access his or her salary for the past three months, data about taxes, and a direct link to edit data as well as print relevant documents. Data is dis-played about private property, e.g. value, taxes, location. Personal data is also available, e.g. social security number, children’s and wife’s or husband’s social security number. Another interesting feature is the possibility of showing personal data from local authorities and health care information.

We expect "My Page" to contain more citizen-centered data in the future.

Not only citizens benefit from "My Page". It has large benefits for the public authorities as well in terms of internal effectiveness and efficiency. It will in time reduce costs of public sector administration as citizens to a larger extent will serve themselves online. Another noticeable advantage is that with ‘My Page’ we have created a secure framework which other public authorities can fill out with both information and solutions.

The joint public sector effort makes managing "My Page" a complex task. Two fora coordinate the work of and "My Page": The Steering Committee for Joint Cross-Government Cooperation (STS) and the steering committee for

Citizen Themes

Briefly, a citizen theme is anchored in the public authority possessing the expert knowledge in the area, and in this way a citizen theme can present both supplementary, detailed and updated information to the citizen.

The selected citizen themes are children, economy, housing and pension. (in Danish only)