The precondition for a more digital Danish public sector is a robust and carefully planned ICT infrastructure with good and reliable ICT solutions.

For every form that does not require data to be entered on a computer and for every letter that does not need a stamp, the public sector saves money - money that can be spent on, for example, health, education and welfare or on stimulating growth and enhancing productivity in companies. In the coming years, all Danes will need to use the Internet from cradle to grave – from registering a birth to obtaining funeral assistance. This saves society billions of taxpayers’ money and ensures a high level of flexibility as well as less time spent waiting in queue on the phone and at counters.

In order to make communication and information exchange between the public sector, businesses, and citizens as easy as possible, The Agency for Digitisation supports a wide variety of digital tools and solutions, ranging from the implementation of an electronic signature to specific websites aimed at citizens.

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Basic Data
Basic data, which is freely available to the private sector, is a potential driver for innovation, growth, efficiency and job creation. Therefore, the Danish government has launched a basic-data initiative.

Borger.dk (citizen portal) is the Danish site on the Internet where Danish citizens can find all public information and self-service options on a one-stop basis. Between 1 December 2012 and 2015, there will be more and more areas each year where citizens will only be able to communicate with the public sector online, primarily through borger.dk. The individual citizen will be not be constrained by opening hours and geographical distance, and consequently will be first in the queue when contacting the public sector.

Digital Signature
A digital signature is an electronic signature that may be used in various situations, for instance when it is essential to know who you are communicating with electronically.

'NemHandel' is a Danish e-business technology which makes electronic invoicing is as easy as sending email.

NemLog-in is a cooperation between municipalities, regions and the State. It is a common log-on solution which gives access to the public authority self-service solutions.