About the Agency for Digitisation

The Agency for Digitisation is an agency of the Ministry of Finance and has been established in 2011 to speed up the digitisation processes required to modernise the Danish welfare society. The Agency is in charge of the digitisation of Denmark and is responsible for the implementation of the government's digital ambitions in the public sector.

The Agency for Digitisation is the engine driving cross-public sector cooperation and thus leads from the front in the efforts to digitise the public sector. However, the entire public sector - from region headquarters, hospital wards and municipal offices to primary and lower secondary school -has a joint responsibility to ensure that Danes embrace the digital mindset and that the vision of a digital Danish public sector is achieved. The private sector, such as the financial sector and the ICT industry, is a key partner in this regard.

The transformation to a digital public sector in Denmark requires innovation, dialogue and courage. The work of the Agency for Digitisation in the coming years will be a vital contribution to the modernisation of the public sector

    The vision is for central government, municipalities and regions to create a more digital Danish public sector that improves efficiency, frees up resources and modernises service delivery.

    Specifically, 80 pct. of written communication between citizens/companies and the public sector must take place online by 2015, and welfare technology solutions will become a natural part of daily life in the coming years

Towards a digitised society

Each municipality, region and central government authority will need to transform completely its way of performing administrative duties, and the major transformation of Danish society needs to be communicated in a way that ensures citizens and companies are made aware of the new reality and feel comfortable and secure with it. The digital transformation is therefore based on unique cooperation across the public sector, which the Agency for Digitisation facilitates in many areas.

To accomplish the ambitious task that has been set, the Agency for Digitisation always works towards the goal of efficiency. We perform effectiveness analyses, and we develop business cases and plans for profit realisation, collaborative models, support programmes, IT policy, and technology.

The digitisation of the public sector will continue for many years to come. 2015 is the next important milestone that everyone is focused on reaching. However the transformation will not end there. In 2015, we will find ourselves at a new and higher level on the way towards a digitised society and we must formulate new ambitious goals that will contribute to achieving the Danish Government’s 2020 Plan, in which a total of DKK 12 billion (EUR 1.6 billion) is to be found through modernisation.

    Read more about the Agency’s policy and strategies, IT security, IT Architecture and Standards and the digital solutions including NemID (digital signature), borger.dk (citizens’ portal), and NemKonto (designated bank account for receiving public benefits) in the box to the right.